Sunday, January 26, 2020

Finding Your Secret Magickal Name

Secret Magical Name


When you are born you have a first name, last name and perhaps a middle name. Perhaps around friends or with family members, you'll have a nickname. A nickname in itself is magickal especially if it comes to you and sticks. This nickname represents an aspect of your soul expression. We can put on personalities like we put on different outfits you are not your personality. As you learn throughout your life your personality may change. A good example of this is you aren't the same person you were even 2 years ago and for some even 2 months ago. You have had defining moments in your life that caused you to act differently or become a different person, hopefully, what you feel is a better person than you were. You have a choice to change at any moment, it is your decision.    

A Magickal Name Vs. No Name

Over the years the topic of magickal names has come to my attention. Do you need a magickal name, no you don't, but it is useful to have a magickal name. I personally am not truly looking for a magickal name because I choose to not give my higher self an "official" name. I am aware of the principle "no domain over the no-name". What this means is that when you choose to not name the energy of your own soul, it is not controllable and can not be put into a sort of box. This makes your practice a little more abstract because you will have to learn to "follow the feeling". Also, you may be tempted to use the names of already known deities. Different deities help us to tap into specific archetypal energies within our own selves. This is the disadvantage of choosing not to use a magickal name. Not using a magickal name requires a little more discipline and may be more difficult in the beginning. The benefit of not having a magickal name is instant access to infinite nuances of energy. You would have to learn to follow the feeling you are looking for to access the energy within you that translates to things like for example; infinite wealth, inner-strength, endless love, inner-stability, inner-joy, etc. 

Using A Magickal Name

When you search on Google, you'll come up with a list of how to get your magickal name. I do not recommend using a magickal name that someone else gives to you for your personal magickal work. If you are in a coven, for example, you may want to use the magickal name you are given with the group and use a separate magickal name nobody knows for your own personal work. The magickal name no one knows can be used for self-empowerment. 

There is also the use of magickal squares and other tools in order to find your magickal name. This is useful, however, if you can figure it out this way so can other people. I personally would go the route of using automatic writing or ask your higher self for your magickal name. When you ask your higher self, you would have to be aware of the synchronicity in your reality when your magickal name is given. These two methods involve some measure of psychic awareness.    

Using Automatic Writing For Your Magickal Name

I used automatic writing for years before I could channel fluidly as I do now. Automatic writing is still a useful tool for straight answers. I remember one time specifically I used automatic writing that I wanted to find the ancient most part of my DNA. Once I came out of the meditation I looked at the letters I drew on the page and proceeded to research the word before me. What I channeled turned out to be an obscure people but the information was accurate, even to my surprise. 

Steps To Automatic Writing

  1. Sit in a comfortable position with a pencil or pen in your hand and a book or notepad
  2. Before you go into a meditation write your question at the top of the page & say it out loud 3 times. 
  3. You can put on meditation music before you go into your meditation if this assists you when getting into a meditative state. 
  4.  Go into your meditation by focusing on your breath, and scanning your body focusing on your feet and moving the breath up, as you relax each section of your body. 
  5. Once you are relaxed keep your eyes closed and allow your writing hand to move freely
  6. Do not overthink, just allow, this isn't about ""perfectionism" it's about practice. 
  7. When you feel satisfied, open your eyes and decipher what is before you. 
  8. You may have symbols, letters, numbers, etc. Follow your intuition when deciphering these symbols and words. You can use the internet to assist in your research or use scribed if you need access to books that will help you decipher what is before you.
  9. You may have obscure letters or "sloppy" looking letters and that is okay just put the letters together even if they are spread out pretty far apart. If the word before you is unrecognizable, do a quick google search you may be surprised with what you find. 

This method for finding your magickal name may give you a name that has never been seen before and this is great. This means your magickal name is unique and it is advised not to be shared with anyone. This is a secret name and it gives you a more decisive base of power to work with. You can use crystal pyramids and sigils to charge your magickal name with energy. This name can be used for whatever suits you. I would not use this name for low-vibrational purposes like; getting revenge, hurting someone, or when in a low vibrational desperate state or in a "scarcity mindset".   

Changing Your "State"

You may have days when you feel; depressed, broke, sick, or have any other "bad" feeling emotion. These emotions are simply an indication of things being out of alignment for you personally. You may have some emotional healing that needs to take place, a blocked solar plexus, etc. Doing is the best way to feel better, however, do what is productive and feels good for your soul, not your flesh. 

Changing your emotional "state" is a fairly simple process. A good method I learned from David Snyder (you can see one of his lectures here) is to change your state by imagining a moment in time or a made-up time where you felt powerful, happy and in control. Do this standing up and imagine the image stretched out before you. Smile, stand up straight with confidence. At this point take your hands and stretch them out as if the scene before you is on a scroll or a painting. Take the scene with your hands stretched out and pull it over your head (placing you in the scene before you. How do you feel? Are you confident and ready to do some real magick? 

Final Thoughts 

Adepts are aware that all the magick comes from within and how we maintain our inner and outer worlds is important. You don't "need" to have anything other than your own mind, patience, and a strategy to create the reality you desire. All these articles, movies and popular culture, in general, have created a culture of excuses, laziness, and apathy. The greatest magick you can ever know is to understand the magick that exists within yourself at any given time. See everything you want to accomplish and take real actionable steps to achieve them, learning magick simply helps you to make the best decisions possible and to hack into the programming of reality to create the best outcomes.