Friday, May 29, 2020

Into Tarot I Go To Decode My Mind & Find My Soul

The Sacred Art of Tarot

My first deck was actually the Chakra Oracle Card Deck. I had no idea about cards or how to read them I was in my local spiritual shop and something draw me to these cards so I bought them. Instantly I fell in love. I already was channeling through writing and scrying. This was the next step. I started pulling cards for everyone in my family and for friends as often as I could. Tarot is considered one of the 4 Royal Arts. The other three are Numerology, Astrology, and Psychic Development or being an "oracle". When I bought my first Tarot Deck things got interesting. I was doing readings for myself every day and studying the meanings of the cards based on my intuition every day. Before I bought my first tarot deck I was doing chakra readings, cord-cutting ceremonies, and intuitive reading through channeling. Once I bought the tarot deck and understood what the cards mean and how to use them I was able to channel messages directly through the cards. 


Meditation is the first module of my master class. Meditation allows us to tap into the self and come into a space of alignment. There is more than one way to get into a flow state. The flow state is something that many athletes experience. This is an intense focus that creates a mediative state. You can do a walking meditation if you find it difficult to sit still and concentrate. I usually will put on meditation music and allow my mind to relax as I walk. As you relax into the rhythm of your body you will create a flow state and the world will begin to open up to you. You may begin to see trees, stars, and even people differently. You can even begin to see auras and feel more intensely. This is what it is to truly tap in.     

Your Emotional Compass

Writing down your dreams in the morning or focusing on the feeling of your dreams when you wake up will help you tap in as well. If you're having trouble remembering dreams, once again, you can tap in through feeling into your dreams. Understanding your emotions is pivotal for your personal development. So much in our lives leads to us suppressing and repressing our emotions, then we have a tower moment or major blow up at some point. This is because we were trying to make it all work while being out of alignment with the divine in ourselves. The emotions can be likened to a compass and they point us in the direction that is best for us. Listen to yourself and how you actually feel not how you're supposed to feel based on other people's perceptions. Understanding this also assists you in achieving clarity when reading your tarot cards. 

Energy Body Clarity

Saging your space, taking saltwater baths, and cleaning out your body with fasting and certain teas can assist in clearing the energetic body. On a side note when you sage keep the windows closed to absorb negative energy and then open the windows and allow the energy to clear out. Once your space is clear you can set the energy you want by charging certain oils (put them on the stove in a pot of water and let them boil out for a little while), burning in-cents or using florida water. 

You can learn a little about the chakras and use singing bowls or meditation music you resonate with to slowly tap into your body through meditation. You can start at your feet and move up your body breathing through any areas where the energy feels kinda slow or blocked. I do this every day and I have the most sluggish days when I do this in the afternoon or wait to do my meditation. First thing in the morning is the best time to do this from what I've found personally.  

Breaking Down The Meanings of The Cards

Tarot is complex and I will make this post the first in a series so you can really get to a space of understanding how to use tarot. Tarot is a divination system that first and foremost assists you by helping you understand where you are energetically (which translates to the physical reality). This assists you in seeing where you are going in order to rectify certain energies and create greater alignment with your higher self and your personal destiny.  

Tarot encompasses archetypal energy, astrology, and numerology. This is a method for reading the divine mind. The different tarot card spreads help to channel the energy. One example is a three-card spread. Position 1 would be the past, position 2 would be the present and position 3 would be the future. You can create your own spreads and card patterns for your own readings. This is beneficial because your spirit divines in its own way and creating your own system for divining will bring you greater clarity for your readings. I personally will pull cards as a stream of consciousness so I don't actually use card patterns but instead organize the chaos. I just intuitively know which cards go together and what the themes are. This skill has been developed through ten years of meditation and a continual spiritual practice since I was a child, even when I didn't realize it. Since we are and have been in a quickening you may not need that much time to master the tarot and yourself in your own way.  

Numerology in Tarot

You can actually add up the number in the spread and get another dimension on the read of these energies. I have my own way of reading the energy in numbers based on the different dimensions of reality 0 through 9. Just how we have angel or "angle" numbers that give you a certain perspective based on the vibration of those numbers. Just how the bottom of the deck will give you a certain vibration based on the overall energy of your reading. 

I'll give a quick interpretation based on the way I break down the energy of numbers, if you want to use it as a guide for yourself please do. If you see repeating numbers in your reading then that's an indication that the vibration of that number is very strong for you presently. 

Numerology Break Down

0- The Void, The Unmanifested, Where All Potentiality Exists, The Resonates With The Fool Card In Tarot & New Beginnings (Feminine)

1- The Self, The First Manifestation, The First Light Out of The Void, This Resonates with The Magician Card In Tarot, The Master Manifestor (Masculine) 

2- The Other, Duality, Balance, The Self Aligned With The Self (higher & lower self), The High Priestess In Tarot, (The dark and light pillars on this card represent duality and balance of the masculine and feminine) 

3- This is two energies coming together to create or birth another energy.  This is a New Point of View or reference point. This is creation. In Tarot this resonates with The Empress Card in Tarot. This card is the divine mother and can to some extent represent the harvest or birth of a new energy. (more complex then just feminine and masculine- it's both the create a third energy) Witches do things in three so that they manifest in the physical. 

4- This is physical manifestation. This is synonymous with the body or structure. This connects the mind, body, and spirit with the physical reality, this is grounding. This also represents time. This is The Emperor Card in Tarot. This resonates with Saturn as well as the four winds. (this is a feminine number (manifestation) with a masculine energy of grounding) 

5- This is the physical body or five-pointed star. This represents the 5 elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Eather. Eather being the soul or spirit that is manifested through the physical body. This is a broader perspective outside of time. This is the enlightened or divine self, manifested in the physical realm. This resonates with The Hierophant Card in Tarot. This card represents spiritual power and authority or the high priest. This is why the two people at the bottom of the card are bowing to the hierophant. This resonates with traditions or creating new traditions based on its position. (This is a masculine spiritual energy, so it can be a balanced masculine (balanced in his feminine energies as well) who is dealing with something beyond the physical yet has power and authority in the physical)

6- This number resonates with the divine union of the masculine and feminine. It's three twice being complete within the self. This is the higher concept of true androgeny. This resonates with "the lovers" card in tarot. This is the divine union. (this is the balance of masculine and feminine energy within the self) 

7- This number resonates with christ consciousness. I feel some aquarian energy in that this is dealing with broader perspectives when it comes to humanity and the soul of the earth herself. This is mastery of not only the physical realm but mastering your emotions and staying the course spiritually. This number resonates with mysticism and connecting the spiritual with the physical. This is overcoming obstacles with emotional and spiritual balance and discipline. This resonates with The Chariot Card in Tarot. In this card, the man riding the chariot (being on his path) is learning to move through these energies while balancing his emotions and opposing energies by "reigning them in". (This is using the masculine energy to create balance spiritually) 

8- The number 8 turned on its side is infinity. This resonates with infinite awareness. This card represents renewal and redemption. This is becoming a new being and is a higher consciousness. This also represents virtue and spiritual purity. This resonates with the Strength Card in tarot. The white this woman is wearing represents spiritual purity, the flowers are a blooming representing renewal. The woman in this card is taming the lion or taming her animal nature. (This is a feminine number resonating with higher consciousness dealing with the polarity of renewal the opposite of the initial manifestation with the number 1) 

9-  This is the Zero Manifested or The Void Manifested! This is the "Triple Triad" representing Completion. This is completion of Beginnings, Middles, and Ends. Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Completion. This number is divine in the earthly, Angelic, and celestial realms. This number is 90 degrees three times, representing 360 degrees. 9 is the limit of all numbers and thus is all-encompassing. This is all possibilities manifested. This number represents divine truth as well. This resonates with the Hermit Card in Tarot (and in the next cycle the world card). The hermit represents spiritual growth, accomplishment, and mastery. The Hermit uses wisdom to guide him and he has accomplished a heightened spiritual consciousness. 

Grounding The Tarot

I wasn't thinking I would break down the first half of the Major Archana with the numbers but I have and so on my next part in this series we will deal with the second half of the major arcana. These are higher energies that will deal with the core 0-9 dimensions but in a new way. 

All of the suits in tarot deal with higher and lower aspects of these energies this is why tarot truly reads the soul and the tarot assists us in understanding our divine mind. After the hermit is th wheel of fortune. I'm not going to say much now but it is definitely going to get interesting as we get deeper into the archetypal mind.  Thank You all for reading and if you want a personal reading be sure to email me: You can also message me on facebook (Isabel montero)
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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Let's Get Magickal!! Practical Magick Everyday!

Everything is magick. How you got here alone was a ritual, it may have been a drunken, haphazard ritual but nonetheless, it was a powerful ritual that brought you into union with your physical vehicle. You are a spark of the infinite having a human experience. You alone know your true purpose for being here. Brushing our teeth, for example, is a powerful ritual. This is a powerful ritual because you do it every day and thus have energy that is added to this ritual daily. You can take basic everyday habits and hack them to add energy to what you are manifesting in the physical reality. This is all about intention and continued focus. The rest of the day you don't think about brushing your teeth and this can allow space for the ritual to align in the spiritual realm what you want to manifest in the physical realm.

Your Very Powerful Mind

The power of the mind is played down drastically in society. We have heard that old programming that most people only use 10 percent of our "brains". This isn't even a logical or coherent line of thinking. The mental aspect of the soul uses the brain as simply a physical tool. Did you know that the heart begins beating in the womb before the brain is more than a liquid with some erratic electrical impulses.

Okay so back to this "10 perfect of the brain mess". This is a deep programming the brain is alive and anything in the body that no longer has energy moving through it dies. The trick is to be able to consciously control your mind. Most people have animalistic impulses that lie under a thin veneer of self-righteousness and control. One heated argument or inconvenience in their modern lives and we will see the true nature of most people. Take more of these modern comforts away and we will see even more truth. The truth is that most people lack emotional balance and control. Emotional control is one of the first forms of self-control and these modern working conditions in counties like America perpetuate a cycle of mental slavery. This mental slavery suppresses souls and keeps many people distracted from the true soul's work.

Another perspective is that when humans are not focused on survival which today entails working one maybe even two jobs to "survive", they have the ability to expand into their true higher nature. Most people don't have time to focus on expanding their awareness and consciousness as spiritual beings having a human experience. The sad truth is that most people don't want to. This 2020 pandemic has shown us the who's who of individuals asking for expansion and awareness and those who have wasted time in fear and confusion. People subscribe to spirituality and the idea of soul sovereignty when times are good but collapse into fear when that belief is challenged.

Emotional control and sovereignty expands beyond the workplace. Choosing a strategy when speaking your mind is imperative. Especially because aspects of life are war-like, especially when dealing with these war-like cultures and societies. We have been taught that there isn't enough to go around. Yet when we look at the earth fruit bears abundantly, root vegetables are widely available, and animals are around even in the winter for food if nothing else is around. Abundance is your birthright, you have enough air to breathe to keep your body alive and this is a form of abundance that isn't appreciated.

The magickal mind sees what others just can not perceive. You see abundance and sustenance when others simply can not see it. In this matrix, the magickal mind sees and creates an opportunity even when the reality would try and convince them otherwise. This is a daily practice of observing and feeling your inner abundance and strength. Never allowing the reality to dictate our perception but rather our perception dictates reality.

A Matter of The Heart 

The spiritual warrior is engaged in the life long work of the self, aligning with the self. Vulnerability is a powerful state. However, remaining vulnerable in our day to day lives isn't wise. Putting off our ego is liberating. It is wise to remember that the ego has a function and the healthy ego is balanced. When the heart is open it's magick is powerful. We can send out waves of intention with the heart. New agers will say everything is energy, this is true but narrow, everything is MAGICK! The magic of the heart is that when we have emotional control we can choose when and where to open our heart. Thus our heart is not in the driver's seat, our soul is operating the heart and the body with clarity.

When you use your heart for manifesting in the now you feel what your true reality of your highest potential is now. This is a powerful tool.

How To Manifest In The Now

When you manifest in the now you proactively align the self with the self. Channels like Abraham-Hicks call this the Vortex and "getting into your vortex". This is literally aligning within the self. What is the reality that gives you the most joy? This reality isn't based on a lack consciousness. So if you want more money or feel lonely so you want a relationship this will not yield the results that are in alignment with your soul's true desire. If you already had all the love and money you need what would be left. What's left is your soul's mission your greatest alignment within the self.

Meditation For Alignment With The Now 

You can do this as a walking meditation, sit in a comfortable position, or lay down in a comfortable position. I usually use 432hz meditation music or singing bowls.

1. Breathe through your body, as you pull in the breath imagine the breath at your feet and slowly move the breath up the body till you reach the top of your head.

2. Once you feel relaxed. I would align in the solar plexus but it can be any chakra or area of the body that resonates and ask the feeling of your most aligned reality to come forth.

3. Feel into this "feeling" or emotion. With every in-breath go deeper and with every out-breath feel the fullness of the emotion or feeling filling your body.

4. Do this until you are ready to stop.

5. End your meditation in any way that feels in alignment for you. 

Following Your Soul's True Desire

You are a magickal, spiritual being having a human experience. When you are in alignment and in your joy it feels like you are running towards your true infinite self, with enthusiasm and joy. On the opposite end of the spectrum when we are out of alignment we feel much differently. The emotions that come up may be depression, feeling lost, feeling sad, and feeling lonely or alone. It is a daily practice to remain in alignment. This takes questioning how we feel, why we feel this way, and taking time to create balance. Life can be busy but this is not an excuse for ignoring this important aspect of self-care. Overtime when we ignore our true feelings we create catastrophic moments in life that force us into a dark night of the soul.

You may lose a job, an important relationship, or anything else that is important to you. This gives you time to sort through your emotions and create true healing within the self. The dark night of the soul is a blessing in disguise. This is one way our soul shows us how important we are and gives us space to create alignment. I have always said that everyone matters and everyone's mission is important. You are a powerful being and so much in life will try and convince you otherwise. You have your soul that is on your side and determined to show you otherwise. I am so amazingly proud of you for never giving up. It takes a strong will and powerful being to choose to believe themselves when everything else wants you to believe otherwise.

I personally will journal, dance, meditate, burn incents, and/or take a spiritual bath to create daily alignment. Just going for a simple walk through nature if possible will help clean your aura and boost your mood. Self-care is an extremely important and sometimes overlooked aspect of living a magickal life daily. Connecting with others who are on your same frequency is important as well. Even if it's just online, knowing you are not alone is very helpful for moving forward with manifesting the reality that is most in alignment with your soul's purpose.

In Conclusion

I hope this information was inspiring, strengthening, and informative for your soul's purpose. You are not walking this path alone.  You have more support than you could ever imagine. You are the magick and this is why these greater themes of not just doing spells and rituals regularly but protecting and adding into your energy daily is the greater mission at hand. This way whatever your into is effective and powerful for your soul's growth.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

How Trauma Affects Manifestation: Turning Your Pain into Riches

Rags To Riches

The term "rags to riches" has been used throughout mainstream media for as long as I can remember. You see so few people winning the lottery or working their way to the top. Many individuals fall victim to these promises from various companies and messages from modern business gurus. Nothing is gained if you do not put energy into it. You may just want to move out of your parent's house or upgrade your current home but it seems impossible. I can tell you one thing I've learned on my journey nothing happens without direction and consistency. This, however, isn't the whole story. You can have direction & consistency and still feel frustrated. You may feel like you're a mouse on a wheel, moving as fast as you can but going nowhere. I've been in this position as well for many years and what has assisted me in breaking these cycles was healing trauma and de-programming poverty programming instilled by my parents and society at large. It was so bad at one point I wasn't sure if I could afford to go food shopping and couldn't pay my phone bill for months. I broke this cycle and you can too.    

How Trauma Affects Manifestation 

There is a widespread secret that nobody wants to talk about or face. All these people are walking around broken from physical, sexual, mental, and emotional abuse. Everyone to one extent or another experiences trauma in their lives, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Trauma no matter how small or large matters. In this society, we are taught to ignore our feelings and never actually give our true feelings any real validation. People in our lives may not give us any validation as well even our close family members, friends, and the actual abuser. The first step is to give yourself validation. Your feelings matter and you didn't deserve what you experienced. 

When we constantly ignore situations and circumstances that have caused us trauma the subconscious mind will continuously re-create the emotion even in a small way until the trauma is healed. You will find yourself constantly in pain and feeling like you keep re-creating these "negative feeling" emotions without knowing why. Whatever happened could be suppressed or happened so long ago that you don't remember. On a positive note, you don't need to remember the exact event but can actually go into the emotion in order to heal it. Sometimes simply doing a meditation and going into the emotion can trigger vague or vivid memories.   

Identifying Unwanted Cycles

You can easily identify unwanted cycles by writing a list of them. Once you have your list you can write next to the particular cycle the emotion connected to the cycle. The next step would be to one at a time go into a meditation and allow the emotion to come to the surface, feel into where it shows up in your body. I would say take your time and be gentle when doing this, it can be very difficult to go through emotionally. 

If you don't know how to meditate I would recommend based on my personal experience with clients and myself to find relaxing 432hz meditation music, sit in a comfortable position and focus on your breath until your body feels relaxed. Once you feel relaxed ask the emotion to come to the surface. Once you feel the emotion coming to the surface go deeper and deeper into the emotion, allow yourself to cry, and release the emotion. Breath through the emotion and allow your body to release the emotion. You can ask the emotion to reveal to you its root cause. In order to heal it's important to release yourself from the emotion that has caused the block. Forgive yourself, forgive the "other" when you are ready. Pour love into yourself. Self-love is similar to an energetic form of nourishment. You deserve this love, especially if you feel as though you weren't nourished with love as a child. After this meditation, you may want to journal in order to clear your thoughts and be honest with yourself about how you feel. I for one am proud and supportive of you on your healing journey, this is very difficult and it takes someone very strong to be able to choose to heal these difficult emotional cycles.

Re-Programming The Subconscious Mind   

Your subconscious mind is not rational. It works by connecting feelings and ideas to symbols. It's programmed through trauma, symbols, and repetition. What are the messages you have received from your family especially your mother or father? If they looked stressed when paying bills, were always talking about not having money, or saying they are "broke", then that programming is working through you. When you become aware of this programming this is the first step to breaking this programming. Society doesn't offer much in terms of cultivating inner stability, as well. The cultural programming is to go to college, get a job, get married, have children, keep working, and die. You did NOT come here to work and die. We are taught to look outside of ourselves for stability and creativity is ignored or considered "frivolous". How do you think this is affecting your ability to manifest? 

The first step is to recognize all of these programs and the next step is to give yourself new symbols and enact repetition as a way of re-programing. This is one reason why spiritual people will create alters as "symbols" and practice affirmations. These practices are ineffective if the initial programming is not recognized. It's like tearing down an old house and building a new one. You can hang paintings or pictures in your space that are in alignment with the prosperity and joy you want to feel more consistently. Also, taking time to pay attention to your self-talk is imperative. Do you talk about not having enough money consistently or say "I don't have enough to do that" all the time? You may also say things like, "I'm broke", "I need to work", "this business will never work" etc. 

Once you pay attention to self-talk and feelings that come up around paying bills you can work to change those words and feelings. I have worked on feeling thankful for having the ability to buy what I want, pay bills, or buy food. When you practice being thankful consistently you add more energy to that vibration and pull more experiences like this into your life. Looking back I can say with certainty that these habits have made earning income more effortless. I rarely have to think about paying bills or making money. I always have opportunities available to me and it has become effortless at this point. Another simple habit is getting a notebook and writing a gratitude list every morning. I always have what I need and I'm simply building upon this energy to create more wealth in my reality. 

It's Time To Get To Work!   

I want to take one step back before we get into taking an active role in your physical manifestation. In order to create order in what you want to manifest it's important to be focused. Part of this is figuring out what your personal divine purpose is. This way you are focused when you are putting energy into what lifestyle you would like to create for yourself. Write down what you love and what your very best version of your reality looks like for you personally. Once you have this focus you can create an action plan around your intention.

I advise small steps or breaking the larger steps down into small actionable steps. Even if you can save just a small amount during the month, this may be your first step to creating a fund for your business for example. If you want to get healthier, picking up one healthy habit every 2-3 weeks may be more effective then trying to do everything at once, for another example. 

When we take actionable steps towards what we would like to manifest and are consistent in our approach we are sending out a vibration of confidence in ourselves. This energy comes back and assists in our endeavors. We don't get what we want we get what we feel we deserve. You deserve what your soul was called here for, nothing more and nothing less. You are a divine creator and your uniqueness is what should be celebrated. I want to warn you that this process will change your life, you may not enjoy hanging out with certain friends, you may want to spend time in new places, you may end up having a break-up or even moving to a new city. Don't fret, just trust your process, trust your internal guidance system; that small voice within you that is saying YES this is for me, this is the right choice, this feels right! Trusting this inner voice has yet to lead me astray and even when I didn't understand why I was experiencing something it became clear to me later on and I'm thankful for all these experiences, even the difficult ones. 

Creating Internal Stability

Nowhere in society and maybe even in "spiritual circles", will you find anybody talking in a cohesive way about creating internal stability. I have worked with my own chakras extensively and this is how I was able to recognize how this concept actually works. I had a period of time when I was breaking my family's "poverty programming" and this lead me to work extensively with my root chakra. I noticed that the energy in my root chakra was very slow and felt like it did not have enough energy moving through it. I also felt I wasn't very "grounded" or rooted. Personally, this came from not feeling stable or safe financially in my environment and I was constantly attracting this experience of lack. 

In order to remedy this, I began practicing feeling as if I already had all I needed within me. This coupled with extensive root chakra clearing, breathing techniques, and practicing gratitude daily helped me to break the curse of lack consciousness. I can now feel the promise from spirit and I take it as truth that I am divinely loved, favored, and will always have all that I need. 

You have all you need already within you. You are the "magician" card in tarot and you are holding the "world" card in your hand. Once I worked on the root chakra I balanced my sacral and more importantly my solar plexus. The solar plexus I tend to still work with pretty regularly, I was prone to depression as a teen, and depression is a loss of will, which deals with the solar plexus. In order to be actionable, we must tap into and utilize our will. Procrastination is also a manifestation of a weak will. You will is like the fire that keeps you going. It's very important to understand you deserve your destiny and you deserve to have the energy to achieve all of your goals. 

You can do a meditation to foster internal strength and a strong will. This type of meditation really helped me immensely to fortify the feeling of having all I need within me consistently regardless of my circumstances. Essentially once you are in a relaxed meditative state (even if you are doing a walking meditation) you focus on the feeling of having everything you need within you at this moment. I have done this meditation so consistently that I now walk with this feeling every single day. 

What The Future Holds...     

Just as the present is what you make it the future will be what you make it as well. Do not anticipate the future too much, instead plan for the future, and in the present find actionable ways to create the future reality in your vibration. Let me make this a little more simple, feel into the future. If you know where you are in the present you will know where you are going. Yes, it actually is that easy, once you are healed and have done the inner-work to re-program your subconscious mind. Another thing is to create a timeline for milestones and accomplishments but don't be overly stringent with those timelines. As long as you are consistently moving in the right direction the world has no choice but to bend to YOUR WILL. I say to myself often, "whoever holds the vibration the longest and strongest wins." I dictate my reality and no matter what my circumstances I will be the victor in my story. I leave you with this as a final thought and a powerful affirmation, "I am a powerful creator, I observe constant success in my endeavors, and am unstoppable in my conviction." 

I love you guys. Until next time this is NinĂ© Signing off and wishing you only the best in your past, present, and future realities.       

Sunday, May 3, 2020

An Introduction to Spiritual Alchemy

What does "Spiritual Alchemy" mean...

These are unprecedented times we are living in. Those who are becoming aware of their spiritual nature, synchronicities, and harsh truths at this time may be finding it difficult to cope with the responsibility inherent in those who are spiritually aware. All you may see at first and at different levels are problems and not solutions. The solutions lie within you... let me write that one more time... THE SOLUTIONS LIE WITHIN YOU.

You are created with a Destiny within yourself and are created to go forth into the world and co-create with others. How do I know you are created with loving intention and your own personal destiny... I'm not some guru or popcorn spiritualist, I have one thing common sense and I use critical thinking. I know you are created lovingly and with your own personal destiny because YOU created yourself. You lovingly created every cell, tissue, organ, and system in your body even while you were in your mother's womb. You were born into this reality with something in your soul that is driving you forth and you started in a state of love and joy within yourself. The world will seek to pull you away from your mission and joy. Yet you go on no matter the challenge and re-discover yourself in various ways over and over again.   

The Alchemist

The book "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, a magnificent journey is had by our protagonist. This is a journey of self-discovery. It is his personal destiny. He is faced not only with challenges but is given even an opportunity to "settle down" this is yet another "trap" to our personal destiny. He goes on to fulfill his purpose because he chose unequivocally to follow his personal destiny.

This is a journey those who are called must answer. We have it in our hearts to answer the call even when others think we are "crazy" or think what we are doing is "nonsense". We go forth even in our darkest hours, depleted of energy, beaten up emotionally & spiritually with bright eyes knowing our destiny will not elude us.

All these perceived "challenges" assist us to become the alchemist. We learn to control our physical reality at a mastery level. We also cultivate an unshakeable connection with our own souls and the divine all. The all is unnameable and yet has been given innumerable names to try and describe it. All of these names fall short. Start with your connection to your own personal access to source within yourself. This places you on the path to true soul sovereignty.   

Spiritual Alchemy

Life is a process of re-discovery and aligning the self with the self. I often use runes for divination because the energy of this divination tool is to align the self with the self. This is personally empowering for every individual seeker. Now part of mastering spiritual alchemy and manifestation is to get out of reacting to your physical environment and to stop accepting your current reality as your only possible reality.

Everything around you even family and friends will pull you away from your unique destiny even though they most of the time are completely unaware. They are not in control of themselves, they are at the mercy of programming and fear most of the time. You don't have to advocate for them to see what you see they may not be ready and that is not any of your concern. Your concern is to stay on your path and to stay dedicated to your own personal spiritual journey.

I personally have had many challenges and opposition throughout my journey. Yet I am aware that when I act within my purpose consistently my life begins to transform. I remain unconcerned with other's opinions and continue on my journey. This has a compound effect and because of my unshakeable will and dedication to my intention, I become more and more in control of my reality.

This is the path of the spiritual warrior. You will be shunned but you will be accepted and celebrated elsewhere, go where you are celebrated. FIRST, it's most important to celebrate yourself and learn self-love. However, self-love is confidence, not narcissism. Narcissism is about feeling like you're not good enough and needing adoration from others in order to mask how empty you truly feel inside.   

This is about open being emotionally honest with yourself on one level. Clearing the energetic blockages in the emotional body assists in opening your energetic channels and tapping into your higher-self and a higher level of consciousness. 

After The Emotional Work Has Begun... 

After the emotional work has begun and you start clearing your emotional blockages you may want to begin working on actively pursuing your purpose. When working on manifestation the energy you start with is extremely important in my experience. Writing a gratitude list, meditation, dancing, walking in nature, and creating will put you in a better perspective if you are not feeling your most aligned or happy at the moment.

Once you feel aligned you will want to spend time visualizing and writing down what you want. Having clear intent is extremely important. Once you become clear you can more accurately manifest. Now if you were living the reality you see in your mind, how would you feel? Allow that feeling to radiate from your heart and consume you. Send that vibration out into the world.

The last step is to start. Create an action plan of small steps you can take for this vision. You can ask your higher-self or ancestors for assistance. You may get visions, certain words may come to your mind or downloads. Go with this, this will begin to put you on that path to manifesting your most divine reality. 

In Closing...

I will go into more detail in regards to manifestation tech, meditation tech, and healing emotional trauma and blockages at a later time. Spiritual alchemy is about transmuting energy. This is a technique that I will most likely go into later this week. You can take negative energy and transmute it in order to use it for your purpose. I have used this post as an introduction. However, this is a multi-faceted way to get in alignment with yourself and get to your next level in life.