Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Lucifer Venus Connection

How I Got Started With Demonology

This is a pretty recent manifestation: Due to my experience chanting over and doing energy work on clients to pull these sort of parasitic entities out of their body and energy body. Demons I noticed really had nothing to do with these attachments. Some had ancestors that needed to be exiled from the DNA, others had parasitic attachments. On the highest levels these attachments even existed in the 9th dimension, there were attachments from ex's and from people who worked magic in order to attach to and draw magic from the chakras of clients. Not one demon to be found, only parasites and vampires.

Occult Tarot

I recently purchased The Occult Tarot  from Travis McHenry. This tarot mainly deals with the 72 demons or the Goetia mentioned in "The Lesser Keys of Solomon" with some lovely add-ons. On a side note it's better to research the daemons instead of depending on the "suggestions" on the top of the deck that have the names of the traditional tarot cards. The suggestions about which tarot card the card is supposed to resonate with really isn't accurate. These cards have a whole life of their own honestly, and it's better to research and get to know these entities. I also would not use the ritual or leave any offerings for these entities. Adepts know that all these energies exist inside of us. The scholar Bobby Hemmitt was able to decode the 72 goetia as different chakras or "activation points" inside of the pineal glad creating the tetragrammaton. The Angels being the other 72 activation points in the mind (not the pineal glad) as rulers of the pineal gland. 

Okay so moving on, this deck has been fascinating to me and one of the first cards I pulled was Lucifer and Azazel. This got me thinking about a reply I left on a facebook post, explaining that Lucifer and Venus were different aspects of the same being. Sounds weird right? I started researching for this blog post on Venus and Lucifer, I was able to get channeled messages from both entities as well.

Understanding, I've been doing spiritual work for a while now and not one demon or daemon to be found. I actually started calling these attached entities "dirty dark" spirits, understanding now that they are opportunistic parasites. The daemons can be used to understand how to transcend our own animal nature, just like the zodiac represents our animalistic nature. We are to conquer our lower nature in order to become perfected. The angels rule over the Zodiac or star constellations. Just as your mind is over the pineal gland. We are to reach a higher consciousness above this as well, as we learn to merge with our higher (or highest) self, which is closest to source. Your pineal glad is not evil the daemons are "fallen or lower angels" they have positive and negative aspects. The fallen angels taught us about the knowledge of the heavens, art, herbalism, how to use crystals, divination, metal working, and much more. 

Lucifer: The Morning Star

Lucifer is called the morning star in the bible, Jesus is also called the morning star in the bible. Jesus I feel is an entity created to confuse people about this ancient information. I have a theory that Lucifer fell around the time that humans got lost in their desires (lower nature) and became trapped in the physical body. This would coincide with the fall of Atlantis. We used to be able to materialize and de-materialize our human body at will. At this time I believe many people are at the beginning stages of reawakening this ability via astral projection. Lucifer they say was jealous and wanted God's throne for himself. Maybe he wanted this because he wanted his own sovereignty? This lead to the war in heaven, and the fall of some of the angels.

The Temptation

This false god is called Jehovah or Yaldabaoth. Lucifer is said to be the serpent that tempted Eve in the garden of Eden. What he did was give her free will, because being in the garden was essentially a prison for this false god as his "creations". Why would a benevolent god become angry because someone was given wisdom. Is it that he didn't want them to know who he truly was? Other scholars have guessed that perhaps Azazel (who is a watcher) was the serpent in the garden, and others think the serpent was Sophia or even Lilith herself. Perhaps all these deities are actually connected and different aspects of wisdom.

Wisdom is Bad?

When the angels decided they wanted to make love to the women of earth, once again this Jehovah or Yaldabaoth became angry but not why you think. Although he says the angels "defiled themselves" he also was angry because the Angels began teaching their lovers about divination, magick, the use of herbs, astrology, etc., WISDOM. These were regarded as "the secrets of heaven". I received a channeled message about the offspring of the Nephilim or giants that were conceived by women and angels from Lucifer, as well. I will discuss this below. Lucifer: The Liberator (in Gnosticism), force, light, Oneness, Akasha.   

Channeled Messages From Lucifer     

Him: "All Occult information must be kept secret fore it is sacred."

Me: Why?

Him: "We gave the secrets to humanity once & they created all manners of wickedness, in their ignorance." 

Me: Who were the Nephilim & why were they giants?

Him: "Well, some of the women we mated with were too low vibrational to conceive divine beings, so those came out as giants. A few of them did, however, create divine beings on earth."

This was all I asked for the purpose of this blog. I do want to mention on a side note that the giants were created because the soul energy that was supposed to come through the woman was too high vibrational for her womb. The energy instead became big bodies and small souls. Also, I find it weird that this god basically was not allowing Angels to be sovereign. This for me is a huge red flag. All beings should be sovereign and able to have free will, even angels.

Venus: The Morning Star 

I used the ancient Venus in the blog image because women's bodies are curvy and sensual, this is a manifestation of the Venus energy herself. We as women should not be ashamed of curvy sensual bodies, this is an expression of our feminine nature.

We will deal with Venus in astrology starting off. Lucifer "the light barer" and Venus have something in common, they are both known as "the morning star". Venus additionally is known as the evening star. This happens because the planet Venus's cycle in the sky is roughly 9 months as the morning star, 9 months as the evening star and one month she can not be seen. This month is broken up into the transitional period between her positions in the sky. Venus happens to be the third brightest object in the sky behind the sun and moon. Venus also reflects the light of the sun.

Interesting Astrology Facts

  • Venus Falls in Virgo
  • Venus is Risen in Pisces
  • Venus is at a Detriment in Scorpio
The website I read this on had interesting reasons for their interpretation of Venus in these astrological placements. I wish I remembered which website it was because I surely would mention them here. A Virgo/Venus relationship is one of imbalance because one party has to sacrifice for the other. A Venus/Scorpio relationship is one of bondage where one party is dominated by the other. A Venus/Pisces relationship is balanced because both parties experience give and take equally, while being sensitive and able to express themselves fully.

The Death & Rebirth 

Venus "the morning star" is all about self-love, Venus "the evening star" is all about Self-less love. When Venus disappears she is said to be undergoing a transformation, or a death only to be reborn. The lesson of Venus teaches us how we can balance self-less love and self-love in a healthy way. In mythology Venus is born of the sea-foam (resonating with emotions) and when she goes into the underworld she is tricked by her sister and killed, only to be re-born. Interesting how the astrology and mythology mirror one another.

Channeled Message From Venus

Me: Venus, what would you like to say?

Venus: "I am the mother of the earth, that links the earth to the cosmos, a gateway [portal]."

Me: What about your negative aspects?

Venus: "I am honest, I show my jealousy & rage in order to show others what is a lower expression of the Venus energy, the path they should not follow. My vulnerability is my strength."

Me: What is your connection with Lucifer?

Venus: "Well What did he have to say... I am the Masculine... He is... the feminine... we are one yet distinct. Lucifer gives light. I give healing."

Now the last message was transmitted as a coded message. I know what she means but I will let you decide for yourself what it means. What's the fun in figuring things out if someone gives you all the answers. That's all for now.


Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Unleash Your Higher-Self & Divine Potential

It's Always Been YOU Holding You Back!

I have noticed lately that anxiety, paranoia, over-thinking and other negative feeling traits seem to be just spewing out of people. This isn't negative in my experience, I just find it interesting. Even the few emotional upheavals I have had, really happened to be lingering emotional trauma coming to the surface to be healed. Thankfully I have done a lot of work in the past to balance my ego and clearing trauma so this was minor compared to what I am seeing in the world and all over social media. 

The frequencies on the planet, the other planetary and cosmic energies seem to be creating a purge. We have asked for this, remember we are co-creators of this reality. Anyone who has been dishonest with themselves are not going to be able to hide anymore. They can try their best but the truth will come spewing out. No more holding your tongue and seething in jealousy, envy, and hate secretly. This is a time of growth and clearing out the old or drowning in your own filthy decaying states of being. Even the government has barely been able to hide their agendas. The wicked agendas have become obvious for many people and for some the reality is very hard to accept. This has caused some to have rapid awakenings and this can be very confusing and difficult to go through, especially at such a tumultuous time in history. 

When we go into ourselves and start to examine limiting cycles, beliefs, and release old trauma we realize it has always been ourselves holding us back. I especially want to take time in this next section to talk about how our ego can be tricky and manipulative. We have to outsmart our own ego and come to a state of honesty within ourselves to create true breakthroughs. 

Playing Hide And Seek With Our Ego

Many people even in spiritual communities and occultists practice from a space of ego, using low magic to impose their human will onto this reality. I call this low magick because they use tools outside of themselves without really even knowing what the purpose of those tools are. I'm gonna give it to you straight. The outside deities, alters, candles, rituals and tools are used in order to assist in reprogramming the subconscious mind. You are using outside tools to align the energies within yourself. This is the secret, the issue is with intention. 

When we do our magickal practice while being out of alignment with our higher-self we experience unnecessary frustration, exhaustion, and mishaps. Many may have some results on their spiritual path but are not drawing in the power they could have because they are not getting the channels from their own higher self to keep them in alignment. Why, because before they started their spiritual journey they haven't dealt with their subconscious programming, trauma, and haven't experienced true transformation. These people are still indulging daily in their humanity while wearing a new "identity". I-Deity or identity is the ego. Truly our soul is no-thing, it is intangible and endless. As the saying goes, a pig wearing lipstick, is still a PIG.  

At this time all the healing many haven't done is coming to the surface and it's becoming more and more apparent every day. We can no longer hide from ourselves. It's time to align the self with the self. It is time to leave our victimhood behind, let go of our need for control, and balance our own ego. We play hide and seek by believing we are different than what we were but never looking inside at our own pain and releasing our own guilt. The ego sneaks in by creating situations of delusion and believing something other than ourselves is creating our reality. 

True Transformation

The ego or "I-Entity" doesn't want to die. This is why it will create situation after situation in order to create stasis and keep things as they always have been. In our humanity we crave comfort and knowing how things work in our reality, but life doesn't truly happen in our comfort zone. Life happens at the edge of of comfort zone, when we lean over and look into the void fearless. 

At first overcoming our old selves feels like a huge burden to overcome. However, as you work one step at a time it gets easier and easier to overcome the old ego self and step into your new more aligned reality. Much within us will fight against this transformation but the harder the reality fights back the more change is actually occurring. By using your will to focus on yourself instead of others you will overcome and create real lasting change in your reality. 

Your first step towards true alignment is nourishing yourself by aligning with your higher-self. You can do this simply through meditation and once relaxed ask your higher-self to reveal itself to you. This way you can begin the process of communication. I've heard once before, "the angels in heaven say the gods are on earth".  It's more of a paraphrase, anyway I bring this up because it brings me to another point. I also came across a phrase in my runes book that confirms this perspective in a different way. It said "If the phrase as above so below is true, then we also nourish our higher-selves." 

We are already divine beings even in our human form, when we honor ourselves in this form we honor and send energy to our higher-self as well. Think about how aggressive the programming is in this reality to make you believe you are nothing but a wretch and "sinner". Even in mundane reality we are fed the programming "you're only human". This is supposed to comfort us when we feel bad but it's truly an attack on our consciousness and creates an excuse for us to not take responsibility for ourselves and make a change. You are not merely a "human", you are an infinite being from source having a human experience. Interesting that this phrase is usually said when you are sad or upset about something and your aura is not as strong as it usually is, I don't think this is a mistake. It may be unconscious and used in a way that is "unaware", but it doesn't make demeaning phrases any less dangerous to true soul sovereignty.  

Level UP!

If you want to make it to your next level, then take time to release guilt, release hate, release anxiety, let go of jealousy and heal your trauma.  It's also important question your motives, question why you think the way you do, choose to be a victor not a victim and claim you divine birthright as a Sovereign Being. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do, and focusing on yourself will give you the ability to Level Up. This will also make you more relaxed as you ride the ups and downs of life. Life can be unpredictable and when we stay in our center we have the ability to navigate from a space of being clear about our mission and destiny. Remember you don't have a "destiny" you create one. Even before you come into this reality, your destiny is a seed within your consciousness that YOU created and planted, so you can have the joy of re-discovery in this lifetime. Now that you are aware of all this information, your destiny is in your hands, what will you do with it?  

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Why Karma Is A Soul Trap

What is Karma?

Karma is a Buddhist concept, this is a "religion" and a world religion at that. I'm not the expert on Buddhism but I do want to deal with the doctrine of karma briefly here. Buddhists value all life and don't believe in killing, yet we kill to eat and nourish our bodies. Karma at its core means deeds or action. The concept of every action has a reaction, but karma is a lower form of this concept. If we believe our deeds are immortal how can we transcend them? Being a "good little boy" or "good little girl" isn't going to transmute immortal deeds or actions. What you believe you conceive and this world is dense with trap after trap to keep your soul here in this matrix. Your soul is not your body and while your soul learns the lessons of your incarnations it is released from the body at the end of your earthly incarnation. If all you have is your DNA and the knowledge it contains then you become beholden to and trapped by the DNA aka your humanity. Yet we transcend the DNA, and absorb the wisdom we have learned without being attached to it. If you feel regret, guilt, or any of these low frequencies your frequency isn't lite enough to transcend this reality and you will be trapped by the astral light to come back here. Many times we hear about the soul or heart being weighed and to transcend this matrix it must be lite as a feather. This is even spoken about in ancient Egyptian mythologies. They were giving us the keys to the kingdom. It's up to us to truly figure out what it all means and put the pieces together.  

Hermeticism The Law of Cause And Effect 

The law of cause and effect is the 6th law of hermeticism. It's very interesting information to digest. We can get confused and believe that the law of karma is the same as the law of cause and effect. The law of cause and effect is self-empowering and the principle of karma is disempowering for the soul. When we observe the world around us we can perceive that some people seem to be in a state of constantly reacting to their circumstances and others that create circumstances. They move about this plane not realizing they give their power away by merely choosing to be obedient to the environment, the wills of others, subconscious programming, heredity, and so on and so forth. There are others that choose not to react but rather to be the creator of their reality, the masters of their destiny. They are not beholden to the desires of others stronger than them, work on emotional control, are not lost in trying to be nice for the sake of appeasing others, have learned to deprogram the subconscious mind, are not beholden to even their own character or ego, and choose to create instead of reacting. This is what it means to follow your own soul's wisdom and remain in your own divine alignment. 

The causers are strategic and do not bow down to anyone. They stand in their own power and choose to consciously create their reality. While every cause has an effect will you choose to be the causer or the affected?      

These are two radically different angles of light. While every action has a reaction what is your intention and how are you manifesting your will in your own personal world? I can give an example of pushing a marble across a table. Someone has to push the marble to make it move and maybe if the marble hits something with enough force it can knock it over quite easily. If the person pushing the marble can't knock the other object over directly, they may try and direct the marble to move around the object or observe a weak point and hit the object there.   

We can imagine that the object is an obstacle in life and we are learning how to direct our energy in order to move beyond and master that obstacle. It takes more skill and determination to be the causer than to lay down as the affected and let others dictate your path in life for you. 

Perspective Shift

If you had no fear of judgment what would you do? Karma is based on fear this is why I ask this question. This principle of karma is misleading in that it makes us think if we are just good enough we can make it off this plane of reality. This is incredibly insidious and wicked.

Life is entanglement. We are always going to create a form of entanglement and when we engage with the energy of others and take it personally our heart becomes heavy and we replay that situation over and over again until we learn to release that energy. Karma, when we think about it, is unrealistic. It is unrealistic because unless we talk to no-one and eat nothing we can't escape this cycle. This is how we know this concept is false. So when we break this down on an esoteric level we can understand how to achieve true soul sovereignty and liberty.

In order to achieve true soul sovereignty and liberty, we must let go of cycles. This is what new agers call "breaking karmic ties". While this is a real concept it is still misunderstood in the sense that people try and justify the existence of karma, while trying to convince others of breaking karmic ties. Simply let go of your waters or emotions around the situation, person, or concept. This is how you keep your soul lite, by choosing to not take things personally. Then you can focus on caring for yourself and manifesting what your true soul's desire is you are becoming someone who is a Causer and releasing the bondage of being someone who is always effected as a victim.