Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Return of The Sacred Bull

The 7 Worlds

I had a dream recently in which I was transported into 3 levels, the first two parts of the dream were like levels of consciousness and this third part of the dream was a spiritual consciousness. I was sucked into the earth on the second dream and I was transported to 7 mystical or magical worlds. These worlds consisted of fairies, primordial beings, earth elementals (specifically the trees), light beings, transcendence of the animals into a higher consciousness, a world of sacred geometry (& beings that exist there). There was more as well but they were all sort of mixed up, worlds and sub-worlds. I started going into these different worlds as a messenger and was asking these beings to wake up. I was telling them it's time to awaken and teaching them. The last world I went to was with the white wolves, they were very large like dire wolves.

The Wolves 

The wolves felt very native, like Native American but even more expanded. The forest was dark and mystical. The sounds were vibrant and even though it was dark everything seemed to sparkle. I was in the middle of a circle of wolves; surrounded by them. I had to fight them but they would not hurt me, it was just a test. Once I passed the test, I was speaking to them in the middle of the circle. Then all of a sudden I turned into the sacred bull.

The Sacred Bull

As I turned into this sacred white bull, the skin of the bull was glowing with all these star glyphs. This is why I added them to the image above to at least give a feel for what I was experiencing. The wolves started saying like telepathically, "You are one of us, it's the return of the sacred bull." Then they started bowing their heads and chanting, "You are the sacred bull, you are the sacred bull, you are the scared bull..." Then I work up.

I had to research the sacred bull after I woke up form this dream. I believe this dream is a message for the collective and I'm honored to have had this experience so I can share it with you. The sacred bull is not mine alone but is significant to all of us as a collective. Now what does it mean?

Native American Mythology 

This legend comes from the  Lakota (Sioux) Nation that is native to North America. The legend of the white buffalo calf woman most strongly resonated with the dream I had. In this legend two young men are out hunting and out of nowhere a beautiful young woman dressed in white buckskin appeared. One man recognized her as a sacred being and lowered his eyes. The other was overcome with lust and walk towards the woman, she covered them in a cloud of dust and when the dust cleared he was a a pile of bones and ash. She walked towards the other hunter and told him not to be afraid she had merely fulfilled the other man's desire and he lived a lifetime in an instant. She told the other man to go back to the village and tell everyone to pray to get ready for her. He listened to her.

When the woman came to the village she gave them a sacred bundle, taught the people the 7 sacred arts and the 7 sacred ways to pray (I'm not going to get into them now for times sake). Before the woman left she turned into 4 different bulls representing the 4 ages where she would look back upon the people. First, was a black buffalo, then she walked a little further laid down and got up, turned into a yellow buffalo. She did this again and turned into a red buffalo, then a white buffalo lastly. This last transformation was the fulfillment of the white buffalo calf prophecy. The sacred bundle the woman left with the Lakota is still in South Dakota and guarded by the natives there. The buffalo represented the four directions of the winds, north, south, east, and west. Also, representing the four races of man but I have a little discrepancy with this because it feels more like souls to me then skin color.

Anyway this is what this prophecy represents “With the return of the White Buffalo, it is a sign that prayers are being heard, that the sacred pipe is being honored, and that the promises of prophecy are being fulfilled. White Buffalo signals a time of abundance and plenty"(from Sams and Carson, Medicine cards). You can read this full legend here.

The Sacred Bull in Other Cultures

  • Nandi- The sacred bull of Shiva in  Hindu. This was said to be Shiva's animal form and was white symbolizing purity and justice.
  • Apis- Egyptian God Son of Hathor (Cow Goddess), prominent in Memphis, Some ancient writers say he was begotten by a ray of light from heaven. Also associated with Ptah & Osiris. 
  • Marduk- Ancient Babylonian god his name means "bull-calf of the sun". Ruler of destinies and is said to have defeated the "ancient ones" (very much seems like Zeus on a side note). He is also called "Bel" which means "Lord". He is also known as lord of lords.... He defeated his mother Tiamat in the mythology. This is very reminiscent of the Sophia Yaldabaoth mythology in Gnosticism. Hmmm... I have some questions on this one seems like an imposter archonic god but nevertheless all beings have their purpose. This could also be a re-telling of the original marduk, or "bull-calf of the sun" of Babylon or Mesopotamia.      
  • Moloch- The bull god said to be worshipped by the Caninities. This god apparently is associated with child sacrifice. (side note: whewww I wasn't ready for this rabbit hole)    

After Reading a Little More

So after reading a little more about the sacred bull gods from around the world, I have come to this conclusion. It seems there is an impostor god who feeds on the energy of others and uses this image to their benefit for fear based traditions. There is another associated with fertility and the coming of a new age. The older depictions of the sacred bull are far more positive and the later traditions seem to be a degradation of the original being. Then we have the Native Americans who received a clear message about the sacred bull or buffalo and it's transformation throughout the ages. Could it be as the patriarchy took further control the ways of the feminine were lost? Were ancient symbols inverted and used for acts of terror against all of humanity? I'll leave you with that question. Perhaps as we look back in history at the rise and fall of the sacred bull, we can see now these old layers are being stripped away. This is a renewal and reawakening of consciousness, the return of the sacred bull, wielded by the great mother herself. I implore you to question everything and not only think critically but feel into these energies.

Yo Girl,