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Yonce: Black is King Extended Breakdown *Updated*



There is a lot of drama surrounding Yonce's "Black is King" Visual Album/ Movie. It honestly is a beautiful production however many are very angry. The discord surrounding this album came first with the infamous horned picture, then alleged Epstein pedo island flight logs with her and Jay Z's name in them. Next, also many African's have voiced her production as misleading because they don't just wear face-paint, dance, and live in poverty. I want to mention how silent Jay Z has been, as usual. I feel as if he maybe a handler for Bey and she is taking the heat for what he may have actually orchestrated. This movie has some very deep symbols pertaining to the soul journey. However, the symbols are inverted for soul trapping and manipulation. 

Archons or The Fake "Elohim"  
The image of these characters are made to be the gods of the earth or ancient masters. They are described as: "The great kings were here long before us, ancient masters of celestial love. Although dark matter is mentioned at the very beginning the theme of the masculine being the creator and us coming from "him" is a programming that is held throughout this production. I find this very curious because men on earth don't come from men they come from women. The woman carried the XX complete chromosome while men show they are born of the feminine by carrying the XY chromosome. This doesn't mean men are incomplete just that this aspect is created as a reflection of an aspect of the source or the feminine. All would be feminine. I want to mention as souls we can choose a masculine or feminine essence depending on the experience we want to have in our bodily incarnation.

These characters show up multiple times throughout the different incarnations of the little boy, eventually they disappear or become "hidden". I will go over how these characters morph throughout this production. 

Here they are again and now they are on earth as opposed to being in the stars. This is also the scene where the boy's father shows him the golden chess piece or his "birthright". The birthright is a false task the boy is given by his earthly father. During regression, in which someone is put into a altered state and speak from their subconscious mind they often say they did not want to reincarnate. However this illusion is persistent. Archons are on stand-by just watching the boy being given a misleading mission they are perhaps manipulating the father and the boy. 

In this scene the little boy gets trapped in jealousy and desire. When we research Atlantis we come across stories of a time when souls could materialize the body at will and were not trapped in the body. It is the sensual desires of the flesh that trap souls in bodies. This is a very convincing reality. The little boy is accompanied by these archons as he loses his innocence and becomes trapped by a desire for 

Nothing to see here folks just a baby soul being seduced by money while hanging out with an archon. lmao

In much of this production Beyoncé is depicted as mother Mary and in this particular one she is portraying based on the colors silver (stars) and black perhaps the sky goddess Nut or the Goddess Aberewa of Ashanti (From Ghana), this goddess is supposed to be the first primordial woman. In the story she is pounding palm nuts in a mortar with her pestle. This annoyed her son and every time she pounded he moved farther and farther from earth and became the sky god. 

Here I believe the green skin man represents another deity. Osiris or Ausar. I want to also note how these "male" archons are wearing pink feminine skirts. Super odd but in the next picture it makes sense. 

Archons become woman??? In this particular lifetime the boy forgets his ancient past and is just living his life. He is partying one night and he is having a good time with these faceless "women". This struck me as odd and I thought back to how the archons in the beginning had all but disappeared. they changed form becoming false versions of the feminine. This reminds me of the transgender agenda and the feminization of men that seems to be taking place in society.

The demiurge or Archons being jealous of the great mother would want to seek to become a falsified version of the great mother. Also spirit lead me to look up Djinn which can be positive or negative. The succubus and incubus spirits are sex demons. There is a ritual in Indonesia where one would marry the jin in order to trade their sexual energy for material wealth. The ritual is performed in 3, 7, or 11 days. This connects with the song 7/11 from Yonce. This song 7/11 is a mass sexual ritual. In which Yonce actually is doing a marriage ritual to a high level Jinn. When people listen to these highly sexually charged lyrics they are doing a ritual to give their energy to these sexual demiurge entities. The Jinn are described as ash colored on black figures with no face and can appear in different illusionary forms. 

In 7/11 Yonce mentions alcohol and says "Oh let go like Alcohol". She officially released this song on Thanksgiving Eve which is know as a "blackout holiday" where people drink so much they "blackout" or get taken over by lower vibrational spirits. While alcohol can be used in  a balanced way, without overindulging to connect with high vibration spirits, overindulgence is promoted by this song. This is promoted in order to get people to be open to these sexual incubus and succubus spirits who drain the sexual or life force energy. The song itself is 3 minutes and 33 second long. 333 is a number in freemasonry connected with death, resurrection and ascension. This was all done purposely in order to allow Yonce to ascend to her next level by providing perverted sexual energy to the demiurge or archons. 

At the end the boy goes into the astral light having defeated his enemy "jealousy and the sensual desires of the body" or sooo we thought! He basically gets reincarnated. He doesn't go back to beyond the stars from where he comes from but ends up as a baby with another family hahahaha. He also doesn't ever fully connect with his divine feminine, or soulmate. He keeps following his false mission and never follows what would really give his soul liberty. The astral light becomes the final archons in a system created by archons. This is the part where you think you have met the final boss but another 20 levels unlocks. 

After reclaiming his "birthright" he gets reincarnated as a baby who dies in a basket that goes down a waterfall. Then the baby magickly ends up reincarnated in this realm... HA! The realm of elementals is still another version of the earth realm, so he still hasn't ever left earth, he just shifted to a slightly different vibration.

The Birthright?

When the birthright is first presented it is presented as a golden King Piece from the chess board with a DNA spiral. This birthright is passed from the father (who is murdered in this "movie) like Mufasa from the lion king. It wouldn't be Disney without the murder of a parent and no mention of the mother at all. 

Bey is narrating and describes the birthright as, "Life is your birthright, they hid that in the fine print, take that rewrite it." 

This is supposed to be inspiring, however, why is our birthright in essentially a soul contract? And why are we not destroying this document instead of rewriting it? This way our destiny is truly our own.  The deception is in reincarnation and forgetting who we are over and over again. Even though this serves a purpose at this time many are ascending beyond the cycle of reincarnation and this production in a sense makes us agree to being trapped on earth allowing these archons to keep us here as energetic food for them. Is this an attempt to lower the vibration on the planet and continue the system of soul trapping. Sovergin Souls say no to soul contracts!!!!

In what looks like the realm of the fake Akashic records, we see Jay and Bey looking at a TV and the boy drops his birthright in the water, as a man plays a drum behind him. The little boy becomes frightened and jumps losing his golden chess piece. Perhaps they are watching another aspect of him that he is not aware of and watching what happens with his fake soul contract and acquiescing to whatever he has to do to get to "the next level". It leads him more and more lost instead of becoming one with his higher-self and connecting with is true soul mate.  

In this lifetime where the boy forgets who he is, the jealousy and materialism entity is holding the boys birthright laughing at him. This is the scene where the archons become women and an ancestral spirit is climbing on top of the car to remind the boy of "who he is". It frightens him. Perhaps he wasn't focused any longer on this fake soul contract, and was actually getting to a space of his own divinity or living his life how he wanted to. I also want to note that at a certain part when he's partying he sticks his head and half his back out the window like Yonce in the song Lemonade.

In this scene after he forgot who he was he plays chess against his enemy and we find our later he wins back his "birthright". They play in front of the moon, the moon representing the emotions. The moon is also considered a sort of satellite that actually is connected with incarnation and the memory loss you get when you reincarnate. Some people have wondered if the moon is natural for this planet or in fact a celestial man made satellite.  

In this scene when the man seems to reconnect with his birthright he also finds his "soul mate". Notice his foot is in the water. Once again representing the connection with the subconscious mind or his emotions.

In this scene he drops his birthright in the water and immediately jumps in after it. He forgets his soulmate connection and chasing this demiurge birthright he drowns and dies again. He ends up as a baby whose mother (Beyonce) is trying to save from a deadly sandstorm. This is reminiscent 
 of the biblical story of Moses. Except the baby dies being washed downstream and falling down a water fall to his death. OUCH!

The boy then presents his birthright to his ancestor and goes up the light shaft (he's dead) after showing he gained his birthright and giving it to the old women he reincarnates into a different reality. The baby is shown going down stream in a basket and Bey is a nature goddess surrounded by children (elementals). He is killed and did all this work for this birthright to only ascent towards the astral light into another realm that isn't source or beyond this reality where he has come from.
He then moves on to basically fight his adversary in this realm to avenge his fathers death. He then has a baby of his own in this realm. (The cycle of Life continues... bah)  The golden circle behind the table was the crescent that was above his enemy in the beginning. This is a Jackal and a Lion. Now he is the one who rules holds the jackal and lion symbolism. He is now known as "the strength of the earth". No mention of his celestial connection, or how sovereign his soul actually is. Also he is with another woman who is not his divine feminine. This is like the Prince from "Coming to America" staying with the woman his parents have chosen, instead of looking for the woman who is is soul-mate or divine feminine counterpart. 

The Jackal and Lion Mythology

In the first image we see the enemy who is first seen in a song about jealousy and materialism. 
In African fokelore the story of the lion and the jackal the jackal tricks the lion into hunting for the both of them. The jackal suggests taking the meat to his wife and pups to dry the meat and after give half to the lions family. The lion agrees and when he finally returns home to his family he sees his wife and children are starving, only being given scraps. The lion sees the jackals family is looking fat and sleek. He's so angry that he immediately vows to kill the jackal and his family. 

The jackal is prepared and moves all his belongings to a high cliff that is very difficult to reach. The lion yells up to the jackal and the jackal blames is on his wife and says he will go beat her straight away. It is very difficult for the lion to climb up to where the jackal is and after a while he becomes tired and decides to give up. The jackal suggets that he and his family hoist the lion up with a rope. Halfway through the jackal and his family cut the rope. The lion falls with a great crash and is badly hurt. When the lion came to his senses the Jackal suggested with a sympathetic tone that he lowers a big piece of meat into the lions mouth. The lion agreed not knowing the lion had put a large hot rock inside the meat and surrounded it with fat so the lion wouldn't know. The lion ate the meat and the hot rock which killed the lion.   

Okay so the point of this story is what to be clever and not to use just your strength but your wisdom and discernment. This reminds me of the part of the lion king when scar throws Mufasa over the cliff killing him and his son must avenge him. Even down to the lion pride starving in the lion king. Scar being surrounded by the hyenas or jackals. 

In another story from south africa called "The Jackal, Lion and Man". The jackal is the  most important advisor to the king of the forest. The lion begins to boast about his strength. The jackal says to the lion, "see here lion, I will show you an animal even more powerful than you are." They come across a boy and the lion asks if he is a strong man. The jackal says no he must still become a man. Then they come across an old man, who has a bent beck and is walking with a walking stick. The lion asks if this is the strong man. The jackal says not yet o king he has already been a man. 

Then they come across a young hunter in the prime of his youth surrounded by dogs. The jackal says There you have him now O king, pit your strength against his and if you win, you truly are the strength of the earth. 

The lion began to growl and the hunter sent his dogs, the lion easily defeated the dogs with a few swipes of his paws. The the man fired his rifle at the lion. Even this the lion paid little attention to even though the shot did hit his shoulder. Then the man pulled out his knife and gave the lion a few good jabs. The lion retreated followed by the bullets of the hunter. 

The jackal asked the lion, "well are you the strongest now?" 
The lion said, "No. Let that fellow there keep the name and welcome. Such as he I have never seen. First he sent ten bodyguards upon me, they really didn't bother me, but when I attempted to turn to him he spat and blew fire at my face, that burned a little not very badly. When I tried to pull him to the ground he pulled out on of his ribs and gave me some very ugly wounds. When I retreated he sent some very warn bullets after me. No jackal give him the name. 

This gold crescent of the lion and jackal could be a symbol of the circle of life and the trials we go through that test our strength. It a symbol of "the strength of the earth". This strength was with the enemy of the boy first and regained through what he learned on his journey. This is more of a sentimental, inspirational aspect of the film. These symbols are insidious and indicative of soul trapping over and over again. 

Star (Soul) Trapping

This is right in the beginning. The little boy is clearly not from earth, which is why even at the end we never see this soul return to beyond the stars, since this is where he came from. 

These scenes represent the boys soul hitting the earth and landing on a beach. Bey is still representing the primordial first woman. Still not mention of the great mother, however. The supreme "gods" are basically archons. The boys soul is represented by the sparkles and sand is mostly pure quartz representing the higher frequency or crystalline children being born on earth at this time. 

Let's take a look at other places sparkles or lights show up..... 

In these two scenes after the boy comes to earth he walks into this dingy sort of place with temptation everywhere. Beyonce's message is " Life is a set of choices lead or be lead astray... follow your light or lose it." Okay the thing is this innocent soul who should come here and be valued is thrown to crooks, desires of the senses, and temptation right away. I felt uncomfortable seeing a child in a place like this honestly. The sparklers the child is holding represent him trying to recreate or see his own original light. He's trying to use his light or soul but it is being distorted because of this vibration of greed, materialism and low vibrational humanity. but the color is denser, he's in a denser form of matter now, a lower vibrational place. The Fire in the scene where he is walking in burring in the garbage cans shows us that this is a lower dimensional dense reality. The fire is darker orange, root and sacral chakra stuff.  

The lantern's are traditionally a symbol of the guidance from ancestors. They also represent being able to find your way in the darkness. Lantern's are a symbol synonymous with the soul. The first thing i thought of when I was this is that the lantern itself is the woman's womb, having the ability to trap light or souls and bring them into this earth. This could be a dual meaning in this case. These lights or souls are still "trapped" and reincarnate in this reality. 

In this scene the part of the lion king where Simba is saying "Danger, I laugh in the face of danger", is the audio that pairs with this. The boy is once again fascinated by the false light. Knowing it reminds him of something he forgot (his soul). The boy made it out the house of materialism, and senses but now he must face his first trauma. Losing his father. Although we never really see his mysterious mother, but that's neither here nor there apparently. Like I said before no Disney movie is complete without a parental death and trauma to a child's psyche. 

This particular scene is after then man ascends to the astral light to reincarnate but before he actually gets there. This realm of reincarnation is there. The color red and the sparklers or souls are really shining here. This is different though, not like the pure light of the soul in the beginning, this seems like a kind or re-birth. Almost like other layer of programming. This can also represent the life-blood or blood of the womb or uterine lining (placentae) which is thick and dark red like this.

Yonces Gold Rings?

Before the boy has his chess match with his enemy for his birthright we have these scenes with golden rings. This is after the boy goes to a house that is what looks like represents the fake Akashic records. 

The gold represents spiritual perfection. The ring or circle itself represents wholeness or unity. The dark room could be the void however this is off because it's in a room. These people have plenty of money to use cgi and make this scene in a void instead of a closed space, or cube. The circle represents the infinite possibilities of creation contained within the void or primordial realm. In one sense this is a positive symbol. 

When we look at another aspect they are in a dark room or in the center of a black cube. The black cube is connected with the cult of Saturn which has ties in freemasonry. Black robes are associated with the cult of Saturn in freemasonry and connected with what was formally known as "the illuminati" or demiurge. Saturn's element in alchemy is lead, the sun's element is gold. When we think of the purpose of the philosopher's stone turning lead into gold. Is it a metaphor for ruling the "golden age" with the rings of Saturn. Saturn is associated with Krono's or father time. Are we being indoctrinated to be entrapped in the circle's of time in this new golden age. Yikes! This is resonating too much. Taking beautiful alchemical symbols & using them for our entrapment, leading us away from our soul sovereignty once again.

This is the first appearance of the red woman and green man together. It seems the green man and red woman are now in the dark room or center of the cube. If these are the gods of the crossroads their symbol is the cross. When we unfold the black cube we get the symbol of the cross. This is about using these ancient symbols in a corrupted way. The gods of the crossroads being present here is showing a direct correlation with the black cube of Saturn. Which is considered sacred to the demiurge and those who are in secret societies wanting power and control over the population. Also Saturn has been known to be called lord of the rings. He is associated with putting limitations on humans and causing decay. Till this day scientists have no idea why the body ages. Maybe were all put under some Saturnian spell. Yeah let that sink in.

The RGB Flad re-imagined? 

This RGB is the red black and green flag representing pan-africanism. This seems to be pointing to American "Pan-Africanism" or perhaps the original continent when the world was one pangea. I think the only purpose of this image is honesty to promote some sort of false pride for something that literally seems like a huge reach. It seems kind of manipulative to me. 

Tree of Life & Tree of Death

Before the boy goes to the next world, he has to pass through the world tree. He has to go to the underworld or through death the lower part of the tree to get to life the upper part of the tree. This would look like the "dead tree" because a dead tree simply looks like the roots of a tree. 
This is an image of the world tree. This is so interesting because I recently had a dream that was connected with the return of the sacred bull. In this dream I am going to the nine realms to wake the beings there up and teach them wisdom. We must all be preparing for the deepening of golden age at this time. This symbol is also connected in with kabbala, the tree of life and the tree of death symbolism. This is essentially the balance between good and evil, which the boy learns about in the fake akashic records dimension.  Also this ties in as another distorted ancient symbol of going into the underworld or the dark side of the tree to be re-born in the higher worlds. It's all the same world at the end of the day. There is no mention of going beyond these realms to higher dimensional realities other dimensions or source.

Masonic Red & Blue Colors

 These are some interesting aspects of duality that were sprinkled in at different points of this production. In Freemasonry blue is considered the supreme color that belongs to all masons and no one at the same time. Blue is color of wisdom, truth and perfection. Red is the color of fire. This is a symbol for purification and the regeneration of souls. Red is the color that is synonymous with the regeneration of life. When these colors are fighting often or side by side because they represent a fight between the lower and higher self. Instead of he merging of these energies.


Weird Flex but okay Bey, with the purple background and hair all the way down to the floor from a huge ladder. This first picture with bey on the ladder is symbolizing climbing the ladder to reach spiritual enlightenment. Her gloves are a dark rose pink (derivative of red) and she's wearing blue and a little purple. This is a symbol of divine union. Purple also represents balance of the dark and the light, spiritual gifts, the sacred and higher self. This is why this color comes up mostly at the end of this film. After the man is about to face his final test and defeat his rival or after. However, we are aware that he is attaining a fake version of spiritual enlightenment. This is supposed to be encouraging. 

Seed of Life

After the man gives his golden chess piece this his ancestor and ascends we are taken to this world that looks like a pass through to another world in the cycle of reincarnation or an aspect of ascension. This is the realm of the seed of life. It's kind of  interesting to see on a quantum level what's happening here. The seed of life in sacred geometry is the universal symbol of creation and the number 7. (Think 7 days of creation from the bible) 

Akashic Records


We see here the boy after experiencing the pain of his father dying and falling asleep wakes up in a whole new world. He is in a car driven by an ancestral spirit. The green man perhaps osris is just standing on the side of the road with Isis (left behind). I feel like the woman could be a deity know as pomba gira. She has power over the energies of power, vengeance, death and eroticism. She would be like a sacred whore. Her consort is Exu or Esu. These are the gods of the crossroads and they rule the number 7 as well. These deities deal with death once again another death leading to another dimension in a space of limbo. The symbolism around death is so heavy with little mention of life as anything other than lostness and struggle.

In this image when the "boy" reaches the realm of akasha or the Akashic records. He now is represented by Jay Z, the car has a random driver and his feet are up just like the boys were. This isn't the only aspects of duality and twinning that are represented here.  

The boy and beyonce are twinning here are he wakes up in a new world with the same "mood" eye covering on. She wakes up in a pink and purple bed and he wakes up after sleeping on pink and purple flower petals. 

In this part of the video beyonce is reading a newspaper called "the chronicle". There is actually an ibis statue representing the god Thoth who spoke about the halls of Amente of the Akashic records in "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth." This is why I knew this had to be the realm of Akasha. The images of beyonce with the newspaper remind us of the music video partition. The word partition is associated with being divided into parts. Also a form of MK Ultra programming that fragments the consciousness into parts or segments creating alters. Perhaps this is why there was so much twinning in this part because it's showing us a fake Akashic records, in which the boy's consciousness is being divided into parts or alters. Beyoncé holding the newspaper is also showing that she's at a level to become a handler now that she went through all the ritual's she performed one of them being a sex ritual connected to the Rothchild's in her music video Partition. Are you sure you want your children watching this?

This is the ibis statue that represents the god Thoth (wisdom). This is such a disrespect to his true essence and an inversion of wisdom. These people are using Thoth to once again point to Mercury, as he was called in roman times. His original name is Tehuti. Thoth doesn't care which name we use for him and he is a very impartial entity. I have done channelings with Thoth & connected with his essence which is why I say this is disrespectful because this is literally an inversion of his true nature of wanting to share wisdom with everyone, regardless of how rich or poor they are or their social standing. He is very spiritual and speaks about soul sovereignty, the planets and the construct of time often. Here we have it the little boy once again twinning with Beyoncé. 

These were interesting pictures of twinning because they represent the cleaning of the teeth. Clean teeth or brushing your teeth in dream interpretation is typically a symbol of confidence, vitality, and wealth. Especially because both of their teeth are white and healthy. 

The little boy is reading "The Chronicle" or fake Akashic records like Bey. 

The boy is twinning with jay z now that he has read a little of the fake akasha and has gained some confidence from his understanding. It's almost like he's being passed around to create alters, Yuck!

The chess aspect is the concept of dark and light or good and evil maintaining balance. When Jay Z moves a chess piece the people move outside. This is the conversation had about light and dark on this part:
            "Dark & light duality- The balancing of good and evil. All of this you need to make a move,                     understand that good & evil often appear together. Nothing is complete on its own, there is an               ongoing exchange between dark and light. What we call good & what we call evil... It's not                   always a battle it's a conversation."

This is basically teaching the hermatic laws of polarity and a little bit of the law of rhythm. It's basically learning to understand darkness or evil in the outer aspect. The chess pieces are moved by an "unseen" hand, if that isn't pure "fake elite" symbolism I don't know what is. These people think they are the ones that are balancing dark and light. That they have the power to make the chess pieces move how they want for their agenda. The chess pieces being totally unaware people in different positions in their web of "control". Where is the sovereignty here? Where is the lesson about how to play chess instead of being played?

Another thing that is suspicious to me is that the law of mentalism is always left out. The law of mentalism states: The All is Mind & The Universe is Mental. This is where we get the concept that we create our own reality from. This is an imperative law because it teaches us unity within our own selves. These symbols through all together point to nothing more than elaborate soul trapping. This keeps us trapped in a reality where these mysterious "gods" exist and continue to influence humanity into polarity in order that lower vibrating emotional states allow the feeding of our life force energy.

More twinning, this time the boys divine feminine aspect or his "soul mate". His soul mate doesn't really seem significant as after he meets her as an adult he drops his golden chess piece into the water and dives in after it. He ultimately dies again and becomes reborn in another realm as the baby in the basket. The baby who meets his death after falling down a water fall. This leads to the boy being in another realm and after a fake ascension facing his adversary for the last time (hopefully). He just reincarnated to supposedly a whole new reality but basically is playing out the same story of avenging the death of his father but on a new plane of existence. 

Some more twinning here between beyonce and the little boy. The wearing of sunglass is very strange. Sunglasses block out the natural light of the sun thus effecting the pineal gland. The pineal gland is photoreactive and activates by actually absorbing sunlight through the optic nerves in our eyes. Is the little boy not clearly seeing what's going on here because he can't get the light codes he needs to see and discern clearly? Sunglasses are also a symbol of not seeing the complete truth or deceit. Is this why he is trapped in the cycle of reincarnation? Maybe. 


The little boy and little girl are twinning with Yonce and Jay here, having a meal. Notice the picture of the man on the wall are the same in both rooms. Now I think this may be a rendition of Fredrick Douglass. The dress and hair style are very similar. You'll notice here that with Jay-Z, Beyoncé is the one who is blinded from seeing the truth with the sunglasses. A lot of people think Jay-Z is a handler for Beyonce, and her odd devotion to him goes way beyond marital bliss. It's like she's mind-controlled to have total allegiance to him, I could be right or wrong but I'm just reading the signs here.

Fredrick Douglas was a salve that escaped and went on to become an abolitionist. His statue was torn down this year on July 5th in Rochester, NY. This must have been a tribute to the ancestor. I don't think it was anything more or less in this case. I won't disparage the ancestor but so much in this movie is just pointing down a path to reincarnation. 

I remember at the beginning of this production a line in here struck me as very odd and soul trapish as if there is nothing beyond this reality. It sounded like pure programming to me. Here it is: "History is your future, one day you will meet yourself back where you started." 

I was like okayyy. I mean this is also the concept of Alpha and Omega or the beginning and the end, but adding the word "history" in is like being stuck in the past. The whole thing is supposed to be about learning from the past and letting go of the past for transformation of the soul. 

No Beyonce production would ever be complete without her looking at herself. lmaoo I'm joking but she did make herself out to be mother mary in a lot of different symbols through this movie. It's pretty disrespectful to the actual mother mary or great mother energy. You're in here soul trappin, when the great mother wants all her children to have free will. Ehhh... the ego is truly disgusting when it's this unbalanced.

At The End Of The Day

Can we say this symbolism was absolutely negative and manipulative, Maybe. We also can't assume that people know what we know about spirituality. Just because someone is a celebrity doesn't mean they aren't still growing like the rest of us. We all learn from one another, it's an important aspect to acknowledge for spiritual growth. I believe this woman may have people around her that are negative leaning spirits (not souls), that are manipulating and controlling her. 

The confusion with mentioning many "gods or kings" that have been here before we were (archons), mentioning one god, and mentioning the orishas is super confusing for someone new to spirituality. Also never mentioning a supreme mother goddess we all come from by her name or simply by mentioning the great mother is suspect. Also not mentioning the hermetic law of mentalism but teaching the law of polarity in such detail is a bit strange. Calling the child falling from the sky coming from "dark matter" but never showing him leaving or merging back with dark matter makes me do a side eye. The RGB flag being the overlay over the american flag I found very strange and kind of manipulative for individuals who are still struggling with the aspect of race. This could be a snap shot of where bey is right now spiritually or it could be a set up for something more. 

It's important for us to look for signs and symbols. This could be a gentle opening up of the minds of men and women who are new to spirituality. However, with the recent "New Age to Jesus" trends it seems many baby souls are being attacked and lead back to the slaughter. 

This is like the set up for a lay up, the question is what kind of ball is it? Is it a ball that is sincere or deceptive? Make Your own decision. I'm just presenting what I'm seeing here and a lot of it is deeply encoded. There are even more codes than these, especially the weird debutant ball. Where a little girl is losing her innocence and the inner-child is put to sleep. There are a lot of seemingly out of place symbols until you begin to see the through-line is a deception and many "black" people are being tricked into a form of spiritual slavery, and giving up their sovereignty. Using symbols of black pride, ancient deities and ancestors to pull at the heart strings and deceive beautiful souls into bondage.   

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