Wednesday, August 26, 2020

What's The Purpose of Ritual?


The Magick of The Magi

The terms mage, magi, and magnus are closely related. When we look at the mundane etymology of these words we see they have their root with an old Persian median tribe. Similar to druids in that they are of a more magickal heritage just in different parts of the world. Many individuals that use the words magi, mage, or magnus today do not use it to express their heritage with the median tribe but rather to express their interest in the magickal arts. 

The magick of the magi truly comes from within the practitioner. All that you create and use expresses aspects of yourself. Things you do every day like brushing your hair or checking your phone are actions that have energy built into them due to consistency. When you take a shower ever notice how you relax in the water element and all kinds of ideas come to you and you spend time in your imagination. This is an aspect of your magickal energy that is being activated. The element of water resonates with emotion and creativity. As you wash your hair & body the repetitive action allows the mind to wander and open up to it's natural magickal creative aspect. 

The Elements & Understanding Energy     

Now that you are aware that you are doing magick every day and have energy already built into your daily rituals you can use this energy. First it's important to understand and work with your own energy and imagination this will make your rituals more effective. If you want to understand your energy working with the elements and meditation are essential. 

If you want to understand fire lighting a flame and staring at it in meditation will increase your focus and help you to connect with the element of fire. Feeling fire within your own body may assist in awakening the kundalini. Remember everything is a relationship, and you are now building a relationship with the element of fire. You can also buy a firepit to use outdoors and work on fire pulling. When you do fire pulling you work on connecting with the energy of fire and allowing the energy to flow to you, connecting with that energy and using your energy to pull the fire to you. Use your imagination and connect with the element of fire. Light multiple candles and work with the energy of the different flames, dance with the fire. Allow it to teach you and work on reading the language of the flames.  

Remember how we talked about taking a shower and connecting with the element of water. This is the first way you can connect with the element of water. Also you can do a sea salt bath, which also helps to cleanse your aura. If you can't take a bath then you can use course sea salt in the shower for aura cleansing. After allowing your body to get wet a little, step out of the water rub the sea salt on your body and let any negative energy flow into the salt. Then wash it off. You can also do a meditation with a bowl of water, preferably a glass or ceramic bowl. You can put you hands in the water of simply stare at the water bowl and allow you consciousness to drift. Spending time near the ocean, lakes, rivers and streams is another way to connect with the water element. 

Connecting with the element of air is one of my personal favorites. Nothing feels better than a cool breeze caressing you after a hot day. It almost feels as if the wind is giving you love and a positive omen. Air is all around us, so breath work and working with pranic energy is essential. Feeling the air especially when outside in nature, allowing it to connect with and flow through every part of your being. You can connect with the air element anywhere even inside. You can plug a fan in and feel how the current of air moves. You can also buy a balloon with helium inside and work on connecting with the element of air within and outside of that balloon. Practicing connection before beginning to move the balloon, remember this is all about building a relationship with the element, not commanding or controlling it. Believe it or not the elements have their own will as well. Prana is an aspect of the air energy that is filled with vital life force energy. When you practice deep breathing as the air element or your inner self to reveal to you the prana aspect of air. When this energy is identified it can be used for clearing your energy body, healing the body and much more.    

I always found the earth element interesting. Earth herself is the container that holds all the elements close to her heart. Earth is represented by pentacles in tarot, the body is also represented by the pentacle. The most unassuming element made of dust, clay, and dirt, can create mountains and contain volcanos. Beneath your feet are crystals, gold, oil and so many secrets within her body. I like to work with trees to tap into the earth element. You can ask a tree to give you a stick or use a stick you find on the ground that calls to you. You can also find a spot to meditate and bring some of the dirt back home to work with as sacred. You can keep a house plant in your room, take care of the plant and talk to the plant to create a deeper connection with Gaia or the element of earth. As with the other elements meditate with the dirt near you or the house plant close to you.

Mastering Your Energy- Aether

Now that you have worked with the elements and created a relationship with the elements we can take it a step deeper. The 5th element is Aether or Spirit. This is your own soul. If you tap into your heart chakra and go just behind the heart chakra there is a node or black dot. Meditate on this black dot and go into the portal. Go into the realm of your higher self and source energy. As you come back from that realm and come back into your body allow the energy of your soul to fill your body and merge with you. 

Ritual Work

Ritual is designed to work with your subconscious mind in order that you can do an exterior ritual to master your own energy. This creates a resonance with the kind of energy you want to draw into your life. One example if you want to do a simple ritual to draw in some money for a small bill. You may burn a bay leaf. In order to prepare for this small ritual you may write the amount on one side of the bay leaf and "drawing in prosperity or sustenance" on the other. You may close the bay leaf into your hand and feel the feeling of prosperity throughout your body, charging the bay leaf by allowing the prosperity energy to flow through the palms of your hands and heart chakra space. You also may after burning the bay leaf give thanks to your higher-self or the great mother. This is an offering to your own higher self to create the resonance necessary to draw further prosperity into your life. Remember burning is a release of energy, you have to direct the energy on where to go, otherwise it goes no where or gets used by other entities. 

So when you are working this energy think about the elements you are using. You are using fire, earth, and aether. These are the elements you are invoking during your ritual. Now that you have a relationship with these elements you can use the energies within your own body along with aether or soul to infuse this energy into your ritual. 

Ritual is a profound way to "hack" into the matrix and move energies into your favor. The elements you choose to use assist and support you. Fire adds energy and moves things, earth is grounding and stability, water is creative and cleansing, air is life, power and thought. Aether is infused in everything it's the interconnectedness of the all. 

When we do ritual work we are connecting with the elements and moving the energies through our subconscious mind to effect the reality. Happy Creating &  manifesting! 

- Yo Girl Nin9   

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