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From Salve To Sovereign: Ignorance is NOT Bliss


Why Does It Matter: You Don't Know What You Don't Know

In society we are told that we are only human and we don't know everything. It's true when your energy is locked up in your cells and you feel dense/heavy you are only human and you don't know much. You may feel there is something more and you may feel a spark of the divine inside of you, but this is quickly ignored, buried and hidden away. When you depend on your own humanity you are operating from a very narrow and limited perspective. I have scientific facts, however I will leave them out. If this resonates with you then it is for you. If not then you perhaps another time. 

Unbeknownst to you there are other options for how you choose to experience reality. You can experience and perceive a reality that is endless. This is a reality where you don't only "study" sacred wisdom but can experience it. I'm not here to tell you some philosophy on spirituality, I'm here to show you how you can experience your true spiritual nature every day. 

Meditation isn't just sitting there, you can walk in nature tuning in and "zoning out" to meditate. Day dreaming is a form of meditation. Eventually learning to sit still and experience meditation is important but it doesn't have to start here. When you learn to become "light" and your energy body becomes "lite" you begin to awaken within you latent abilities. I am a psychic, spiritual warrior, & energy healer. I experience assisting people almost every day with clearing their energy body & discovering their own divine self. 

Many individuals in spiritual communities who would have the audacity to call themselves "teachers" & "gurus" are allowing themselves to dictate information in an unbalanced ego consciousness, never allowing for dissent or conversation. This is a false narcissistic manipulation construct that is littered throughout social media and other platforms. Many individuals get lost in someone else's point of view because they have trauma that is being manipulated. Many black people in get manipulated through the trauma of racism, they are told how great their skin and hair is but not given real tools of wisdom to activate their innate spiritual nature. The trauma of broken families, broken relationships, and childhood trauma make many individuals vulnerable to spiritual manipulation. The mental and emotional manipulation all throughout society only work to lock the mind in judgement & literally closes the mind to the expansion and awareness available to all of us. If you no longer want to be a manipulated slave then read on. 

How To See Through Lies

How open is your heart? Sounds like a simple question right, however, your heart chakra is extremely important, more important than you pineal gland and third eye. Is it spoken about in a sacred way, NOPE. People online will always tell you their experiences and information but never tell you how they were able to discern the truth. A lot of psychics and spiritual teachers have closed heart chakras and due to the heart chakra being partially or completely closed they become unable to discern wisdom from folly. Once they get to a certain point for whatever reason they get lost in their unbalanced ego because they want love, attention is perceived as love. Attention is not love, love lives is inside of you, divine love is your true nature. Over time these spiritual "teachers" will steal information, manipulate the truth and manipulate your trauma to keep you in a trauma loop with them. They may in some ways be aware of what they are doing and in other ways be unaware. I don't judge people for where they are but I discern what they do and why. These "teachers" aren't all bad and although I disagree with one aspect I can see the point of view of another. However, when they become intentionally manipulative I will discontinue listening to them and know it's time to move on, on my path, I have learned all I can. It's literally the blind leading the blind at times and we must be aware of this. 

When you heal, and your energy body begins to become lite, thus being able to retain more light, as you clear the heart chakra from trauma. Your heart will tell you innately if someone is telling the truth or lying. You will just know and it starts as something feeling off about them or what they are saying. The more you learn, read, and mediate, the more you will be able to discern. Think critically when you are reading spiritual information, take your time with the material and don't take everything as truth. Feel into what you are learning and go into meditation to discern the information and experience the "realm" the writer is speaking about.  

Non-judgment doesn't mean not discerning. It simply means not becoming emotionally attached to the individual or the information in an unhealthy way. When we judge someone we judge ourselves as well. You can disagree with someone without judging them. The way non-judgment is taught encourages nativity commonly. Tap into your wisdom, it is in your heart chakra. 

You can begin to experience what you are learning about through meditation. As you breathe in to your belly (diaphragm) imagine the cells in your body are being filled with life force energy. As you exhale imagine your cells are being cleared of any heavy, stagnant, or negative energy. If you are having a hard time learning to mediate, start by focusing on only the deliciousness of your breath. If any mind chatter enters the mind allow it to pass through the mind keeping your focus only on your breathe. This technique will get you started. 

Remember as your crown chakra and third eye open, you may encounter deceptive spirits. Once you know yourself, once you know your heart you will not be deceived by these entities. When you feel something is off go into your heart chakra to discern the energy. Ask your higher/inner self to show you the truth. You may have to be brave enough to face the parts of yourself you have been hiding from with no judgment, but the more you know yourself the less you will be able to be deceived. You will be tuned in with the vibration of truth by being truthful inside of yourself.    

The Salve: The Sovereign 

The slave is the victim, constantly blaming others for their issues and never seeing opportunities, only limitations. The Sovereign is someone who takes personal responsibility, and is aware the limitations are only perceived so they can experience what they don't want, in order to become aware of what they do want. The Sovereign  follows their soul and has an expanded consciousness that sees possibilities, the sovereign doesn't allow themselves to be verbally, mentally, and emotionally abused and will stand up for the innocent. The slave is constantly doubting, the sovereign is constantly seeking. 

The sovereign above all is called to face their fears and own truth. If you want to take steps towards becoming a sovereign soul it starts with the heart and you must always be willing to follow your soul and intuition even if something sounds "crazy" or "impossible". This is why so few ever become completely sovereign. This journey is not for the fait of heart, it requires an incredible ability to listen to your own intuition and soul when everyone else may be doubting you. I've had this experience myself and I refused to give up. I am still on my journey towards complete soul sovereignty, I have made great strides and now basically the fun stuff begins. 

It is my desire that this writing has assisted you on your path in some way. I thank you for spending this time to read and consider a different perspective. 

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