Friday, September 4, 2020

Awakening The Magick Within You: A Guide


So Those Movies... What if they were Real?

I've been having these dreams the last couple of years and the last couple of months they have been becoming more vivid. I'm still deciphering if this is an alternate timeline that may merge with this one in certain aspects. It seems very close. In this reality we have magic. The group I'm with; we all have these magickal abilities like you would see in x men. We are fighting the oppression of others on the planet and assisting them in becoming sovereign souls. In one dream I was walking through this city that looked like it was crumbling; everything looked tannish and like grey. I'm walking through and observing all these people who can use magic and are still oppressed. I was wondering how this was possible. 

Then the scene switched and we were running from these soldiers. I was in high stress and my people were about to be attacked. I somehow was able to call lightening from the sky and a struck their trucks down. I wasn't able to control this ability at will yet, but it came out during high stress. All my group started cheering and started calling me their leader or savior. I told them No, No, No, you all can do this and do more, we have to keep working at it. I had other dreams. One, where I was locked in a facility and I managed to escape. Meeting up with my soul family. Last night I had another dream where I was with my divine life partner and he was bleeding, he got hit under his ribs. I was taking him to the woods to heal him. I looked to my left and a friend of mine in this life was there; she was a very powerful wizard with a dark purple cloak and magickal staff. She was riding on a huge beast like you would see in the movies. 

When these dreams began, I looked like a different person but felt like myself. At that time I was around people I didn't know. After the second dream, I started looking like myself and presently people I know in real life are showing up in my dreams. 

What if these aren't just dreams? What if we do have abilities and can do superhuman things? Well I know a secret. We can do these things and it starts small but over time and with practice our abilities can open up. The more I practice, I have helped people heal, removed inorganic implants and negative attachments (casting out daemons). I have practiced fire pulling and can put out fire without blowing on it with just my energy. I can clear the clouds from the sky and make storms stop. I can sing to the wind & speak to the faeries telepathically. I have taught people how to channel with just one session with me so they can connect with their spirit guides at will. Am I special. Absolutely NOT! 

We All Have These Gifts... 

Sometimes when I'm tired or in a denser vibratory mood it's hard for me to do some of these things. Communicating has become easier no matter what state I'm in. I can tap into channeling, help people remove negative implants, assist with their energy body, and do Akashic records or other readings no matter how I feel. This is an improvement from just a year ago and is an indicator of being in a higher frequency naturally. Now this year I desired nothing more then to experience real magic manifested in this realm. I asked for it. I had to read the small signs and have faith in order to begin to manifest real magic. 

The whole thing is YOU CAN TOO! I'm not special, I'm just dedicated. 

Step 1: Heal

Trauma gets stuck in the energetic channels in the body causing blocks. When you being to think about your triggers and moments when you have emotional upheavals question where they are coming from. When you take a moment of meditation or simply quiet contemplation allow your mind to trace the energy back. Feel into your body where that energy is and what memory is attached to it. 

Take time to journal do spiritual and sea salt water baths to release negative energies & use rose quartz to assist in heart chakra and womb healing. The more you focus on healing trauma the lighter your energy body will become.

Step 2: Notice Your Thoughts & Feelings  

As an empath you may feel at times that you are sad or angry and don't know why. You may have thoughts that seem very low vibrational and are not what you would normally even conceive. We may feel embarrassed about abusive or perverted thoughts but do not ignore these thoughts, when you do they get buried in the subconscious mind and come up in our lives unconsciously. Ask the thought or feeling where it came from. The subconscious mind will automatically begin to look for answers. We also absorb other peoples feelings especially the feelings of those we have sex with or are around on a regular basis. We may need to begin to choose who we have sex with more wisely and who we speak to consistently more wisely. Are these individuals of a frequency that is uplifting and high vibrational or not? 

A good way to recognize that a feeling is not yours is having absolutely no idea where is comes from. As healers and empaths we may absorb other peoples feelings naturally as an act of compassion. This is powerful we can take negative feelings away from people when they feel bad with just a hug. It's wise to transmute these energies with the heart chakra sending it out with a feeling of pure unconditional love or a spiritual bath so this emotion doesn't get stuck in our own auric field.   This will take us very far in our own healing and recognizing the power of our own energy. 

Step 3: Getting Rid of Negative Entity Attachments & Implants

If you have had lost time, some instances of sleep paralysis or seem to be triggered for no reason at all you may have a negative entity attachment. At times of physical trauma or emotional trauma especially as a child this becomes an energetic opening for parasitic attachments. The sharing of sexual energy is sacred and we share our energy body with someone else and can take on their attachments especially if this is a regular partner. In order to transmute these energies we can use our voice to chat over ourselves and as you build up your energy like a blazing fire tell any negative energies to leave your body now. You have sovereignty over yourself and no entity is allowed to violate your body. You can also do body scans from for feet to the top of your head and demand that any energies that have attached to you to reveal themselves and leave now. 

When dealing with implants they typically will be around certain parts of the brain, the back of the neck and hips. They can be anywhere however, demand these implants come to the surface. Clap and rub your hands together because they truly are portals, this will activate your hands. Lay your hands on the part of your body that you feel has an implant and imagine etheric fire is burning and transmuting the implant out of your body. You may have entities show up in your consciousness that try to create fear so they can keep feeding on or controlling you. Continue to claim your sovereignty and demand these entities leave. Do not let up. 

Also when you fast and/or eat light you loosen attachments. You can do a spiritual bath with some sea salt or a sea salt scrub in the shower before you attempt this. You can also sage your space, especially your room with the windows and door closed you can release attachments into the sage. Then when you are done open the windows and allow the energies to clear out.     

Step 4: Connecting With The Elements

Now that you have been diligently healing and clearing the energy body it's time to connect. When you get into nature touch the trees. Allow the energy to flow between you and the trees to begin to open up to communicating with the trees. This is an aspect of the earth element. You can connect with the bugs and animals, what are they trying to teach you and tell you? 

Connect with the sun and allow it to energize and charge your body. The sun is also excellent for clearing and transmuting negative energies. Do not use sunscreen, it blocks aspects of this communication. Simply start slow then over time you can begin sungazing and listening to the messages the sun has for you. 

Connect with the stars and read their mythologies and about the various ETs connected with each star.

Connect with fire by lighting candles and meditate on the flame. Hold your hands over the flame and feel the energy of the flame in your own body. The flame will begin allowing you to use your energy to dance and communicate with it.

You can connect with water in the shower, and by going to places with lakes and oceans. Put you hands or feet  in the water, sing to the water. Communicate with her secrets. 

Air is elusive but the breath gives us life and you can draw life force energy from the air. In your meditation practice deep breathing. Allow the wind to caress and hold you, talk to the air and wind. Ask for it's secrets. 

Sound Frequency 

You may hum when you feel happy or to make you feel better when you feel sad. You can go up the scale Doe-Rey-Me-Fa-Sol-La-Ti-Doe these are the frequencies connected with different chakras. If you feel silly at first do this when you are alone. Feel each frequency in your body and how it allows you to connect with everything around you. Use your voice to connect with the elements and deepen your connection with them. You can even ask different things in nature what their names are and they will give you an answer telepathically, write this down. You are creating your own unique language and access point to these energies. 

Magick is individual. Sound frequencies allow us to heal our bodies and do much more. You are a powerful connector and creator. You can discover the magick within you by learning from the natural world around you. Even if you don't have much, use what you have to the best of your ability and watch how the world opens up to you. 

Is it Really That Simple? 

Yes, it is really that simple. It has been hidden from us and we have been made to consider all of these things "boring" because their is a concerted effort to keep us from our divinity. Who do you want to be? People who seem to have "powers" really just have a relationship with mother earth and the elements. The western mind has this diseased mentality that nature should be controlled. Nobody can "control" nature she has her own sovereignty. We are interconnected with her as powerful co-creators. All the elements exist in our own bodies and we can learn from these elements how to use these energies within ourselves. Imagine thinking and instantly manifesting what you want in your hand because you understand yourself. Imagine being able to communicate with and control your own physical body and DNA. Do you want to do this? 

Mediate. Concentrate. & Communicate. You already have it within you.    

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